Oct 23 2012

Installed and ready to go

Installed WordPress blog software today and it’s now ready for use… That’s the easy bit of this ridiculous adventure.

My intention is to blog how my 24-week training programme goes and the build up to the London 2 Brighton ultramarathon on 25th May 2013.

The quick next few steps…?

  • Sign up (in the next 2 weeks)
  • Find a 24-week training programme
  • Work out what ideal weight I should be (not the 200lbs that I am now)
  • Start training on Dec 10th

I have just done a marathon, so I’ve already got a good 16-week’s of training in, so starting at 40 miles/week should be ok. Until the full programme starts, I guess I will carry on running between now and then, but I need to do some research to get a regime that suits me.

I’ll start looking now :)

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