Oct 24 2012

Registered! … and chose CFTrust

Well that’s done it. First step out of the way and I’m now registered for the London to Brighton ultramarathon and a non-refundable £85… ouch.

And a commitment to raise at least £400 for charity. I want to raise money again for my goddaughter, Meaghan, who has CF. I was blessed with being pretty healthy, and not a day goes by that i don’t think what it must be like for those that aren’t. I doubt I’ll change the world by pounding the roads or the countryside, or that I will leave any great legacy when my time on the planet is over.  But I hope that in some small way I can contribute to building a slightly happier place to live where one of the most common life-threatening genetic illnesses is a thing of the past. So here goes:

That got pretty heavy… back to the more light hearted stuff.

Now I’m entered, I’m back on the hunt for a 24-week training programme… any help, gratefully received.

Here’s my JustGiving page :).


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