Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 29 2012

Strength circuit – disaster with abdominals

With the start of the training programme just over a week away, I’m still religiously going through some core strength circuits. for the first time, I was set top do 3 loops of the 12-exercise circuit. I was feeling some tightness in my abs from the last circuit, 4 days ago, but throught it would …

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Nov 23 2012

Motivation… from unexpected quarters

Motivation in any sport is a key element which determines progress. To jump higher, to run faster or to launch objects further. So setting out to run a 100km race, with a gruelling 24-week relentless programme, mental preparation including loading your mind with the right strategy, reasons and desire for success is pivotal to seeing …

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Nov 16 2012

Core strength 12-exercise circuit

When I used to row pretty seriously an important part of the training programme was to do a simple circuit requiring hardly any equipment, and not much space. This is mainly used to maintain or improve core strength which your sport will often no focus on. So I’ve been doing spending some time trying to …

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Nov 04 2012

My 100km training programme

After much research, I have finally struck on a good balance of commitment and toughness and a programme that I think is achievable. With 29 weeks to go now, 6 months training should be OK to make the transition from marathon to ultra-distances. The simple text version is below, or you can download the full …

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