Nov 23 2012

Motivation… from unexpected quarters

Motivation in any sport is a key element which determines progress. To jump higher, to run faster or to launch objects further.

So setting out to run a 100km race, with a gruelling 24-week relentless programme, mental preparation including loading your mind with the right strategy, reasons and desire for success is pivotal to seeing out the plan to fruition.

  • Raising money for charity, putting somebody else’s needs before your own
  • Telling all your friends… and hope they can motivate you by simply asking “how is training going”
  • Having the desire to demonstrate sporting accomplishment, however grand, or however
  • Setting an objective for a wholesale lifestyle change, from an all too common sedentary

When I set up this blog and the fund raising site on Just Giving, it was all in preparation to achieve some of these goals to provide the groundwork for the mental preparation which will be key as I (or anyone) progress through this minefield of exhaustion and fatigue.

So when I checked my email one day and found “you have a new donation” in the inbox, I was a little surprised and mostly shocked that without so much as a cursory prompt for cash, I had received money towards my goal.

It was from Daniel Doherty, and racking my brain, which is admittedly a little addled due to old age ;), I was positive that didn’t know this gentleman, generous though he was. A little googling, I was surprised to see that an international ultramarathon representative for Ireland was called Daniel Doherty and there’s plenty of information about the man and the mountain.

I’m a romantic at heart and the thought of a running deity, reaching down from the heavens and touching the life of a mere mortal creates a ground swell of motivation, like nothing I have experienced before. Even if it’s not the same Daniel Doherty, which would seem highly coincidental, I will still take all the motivation from this kind sentiment that I can.

So I can add another bullet point to my motivation list:

  • Generosity… from unexpected quarters

Thanks, Mr Doherty :).


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