Nov 29 2012

Strength circuit – disaster with abdominals

With the start of the training programme just over a week away, I’m still religiously going through some core strength circuits. for the first time, I was set top do 3 loops of the 12-exercise circuit.

I was feeling some tightness in my abs from the last circuit, 4 days ago, but throught it would be OK by today’s set. It was surprisingly restricting on the first of the concept II ergo pieces. I normally try to sit back at the finish but today, I could still feel the after-effects from a curcuit last weekend.

However, I carried on thinking I’d be OK.

But… half way up the very first sit-up, I felt the muscle tear right across the left side of my lower abdominals. Radiating out from the centre of the tightness like a wall of water created from a brick being unceremoniously thrown into a lake. I was motionless for 5-6 minutes as the pain reached an excrutiating peak. After 10 minutes laying on the floor, I managed to roll onto my front, push up and rise to a very sore standing position.

And so the recovery begins.

This was without a doubt the worst muscle tear I’ve experienced. I’ve had calf muscles pop, ham strings go, quads explode, but this was the worst. When you can’t support your core, you are so weak most of your day-to-day activities that even the simplest of movements is a terrible struggle.

The words of an old coach of mine, Francisco Mascaro, echoed around my head “Wibles, you must listen to your body”. I was so foolish to ignore the tell-tale signs of sore abdominals before I started the circuit.

I will listen next time Francisco… I can’t go through this again!


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