Dec 29 2012

The knock-out flu blow

Just as training us ramping up and the distances are happily increasing, the flu virus struck the killer blow and I’m now laid up unable to move or get out.

flu-virusWe should be having people over for New Year as well, but that’s looking unlikely.

This really could not have come at a worse time, as it’s now 20 weeks to the race and I should be bouncing up to 50 miles next week. It does pull into question whether a flu-jab should be a natural part of training preparation. To be knocked out for 10 days is time in a busy schedule that I really can’t afford to miss.

Both Julia and I have the virus and it seems impossible to get out of bed, let alone go out running. As such, to have avoided this nightmare blip in a hitherto perfect training start is a bitter pill to swallow. The kids seem effortlessly immune to the virus, or simply are no susceptible. It must be an old-person thing.

One thing for sure, I’ll seriously consider the flu-jab next year,. even if it does purportedly knock you out for a few days after the jab. Nothing can be worse than being bed-ridden for 10 days.

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