Jan 20 2013

Getting up on weekly over-distance training

Training is going really well and even managed to put in a few more miles than the training programme stipulates hitting 50.4 instead of the scheduled 46:


Mon 14 Jan Tue 15 Jan Wed 16 Jan Thu 17 Jan Fri 18 Jan Sat 19 Jan Sun 20 Jan
  R E S T 8M, (12 x 1′) 5M L4 8M   R E S T 10M L5 15M L5 Target = 46
8.85 7.5 6.27 11.77 16.03 50.42

The distances were getting pretty hard at the end of the week, more because of the adverse weather than anything else. Snow lying across the fields often 3-5 inches deep were enough to slow me down to a tentative crawl at various points in the course. I was picuresque, though – make your own mind up :)

Snow In January

Snow In January

Next week will be adding a bit to the distance, hoping to get closer to 60 than 50. Bring it on!



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