Jan 13 2013

Week 5 – back with a bang!

Week 5 has been the first week where I’ve done the full distance specified in the training programme – a full 51 miles stint (actually, I exceeded it by a mile and did 52.6).


Week 5 REST 9M inc 5 x 1M L2 5M L4 9M L4 inc 3M L3 REST 10M L5 18M L5 Tot= 51
8.8M 7.5M 8M 10M 18.3M 52.6M

The running this week was a marked improvement on running post-Flu last week where lung capacity was noticeably diminished.

The 18M run was slow, but avoiding lactic generation is key, which will be demonstrated conclusively if I’m stiff in the morning (which I hope I won’t be). The route is below: and doesn’t have much off-road which I really should build in to the training over the coming months as 70% of the London2Brighton is off-road.



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