Mar 15 2013

75 miles in 7 days, get in!

Really getting there!

Last night as I was running around in the dark with my headtorch on, I started pondering what sort of mileage I had done recently.

  • Fri – 9.4M
  • Sat – 18.4M
  • Sun – 22M
  • Mon – day of rest (aaagghhhhhh)
  • Tue – 10M
  • Wed 5.5M
  • Thu 9.5M

So that, by my reckoning isĀ  just shy of 75 miles. So to say the least, I’m pretty pleased :)

One slight fly-in-the-ointment is that I was running smoothly with no problems, low heart rate and no soreness. and then at 7 miles, my legs seems to buckle and crumble under me and I had to hobble the last 20 minutes. Ungainly and slightly embarassing when a group of lady fun runners went past me in Wallingford.

Go fun runners… go!

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