Apr 27 2013

Blind frontage – close encounters with vans!

Well that was a bit of a shock.

I chose an off-road route today to try and get used to having to concentrate completely on sure-footing and maintaining balance for long distances. It was 19-20 miles, so well within my distance condiotioning range.

And all the off-road stuff went to plan and I was back on the road, pushing up the speed a bit as I felt particularly good coming up to 14 miles on the way to the Marsh Road, ready for the final stretch to home.

When I came up to a blind frontage to the George Hotel in Dorchester. I have fond memories of The George, it was whyere Julia and I spent our wedding night fourteen years ago. But no fond memories this time. As I was running past the archway leading from the road into the hotel courtyard, a van appeared abruptly on the footpath I was running on and I had no option but to clatter into it running at ~8:30 pace and slide across the windscreen and went tumbling into the road.

No-one was more shocked than me, I don’t think it was either of our faults, just really bad timing.

The driver jumped out and helped me to my feet, I was more dazed than anything, perplexed at how the van, which was only 2 ft out from the archway, leaving another 2-3ft of the pathway clear managed to hit me. Somehow timing, speed, and angles worked against me and I just put it down to good old-fashioned bad luck.

I walked for a bit, and took the photo below only a minute after the event…20130427_104620B (600x800)

I dont think there was any serious structural damage done – to me anyway… the van managed to drive away unaffected despite a dent in the bonnet where I collided with it ;). To be honest, the bonnet area was a little cleaner from me sliding across the front.

I cut the run short by about 3.5 miles and decided to go straight home. And as normal when something like this happens, I thought my first priority was not to c lean up the wounds, but to tell everyone about it!

See route here:

Big dip in speed at just over 14 miles :(.

Was going to run back out to Burcot and back along the same route I started on. Which would have been 20.12 miles.




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  1. Jeff

    Hey bro, hope you’re okay and no big injury issues. Mind how you go on any future running stints.

    1. Wibles

      I will – thanks. The old adage that you should take the “shortest possible route between two points” clearly didn’t work in this case. I didn’t really have to cut that corner so tight and end up bouncing off vans :)

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