May 04 2013

Easy running in a sea of nostalgia

25 miles today. But that’s not really important.

I decided, probably against sensible advice, to put my entire life-long music collection (2,200 songs) on shuffle and just see waht happened.

It was slightly hilarious, to say the least. But also is did something I didn’t expect. As each new track came on I seemed to be transported my from current activity, by this stage entirely inconsequential, to another era. Like a timewarp without going anywhere, at least not very far.

In what crazy playlist would you ever have “I saw three ships” almost back-to-back with Telegraph Road? Maybe one where The former reminds you of the songs you played at your son’s first Christmas as you cosied up by the newly lit log fire on Christmas morning (1998). And the other timeless classic, almost single handedly got your through the long nights as you worked for your O-levels (remember those in 1984?).  And at 14-minutes long, it also makes 1.4 miles evaporate in no time!

I remember my first day at ICI during my year off, just at the start of December and I set my alarm at 6am.  The first song Mike Smith on Radio 1 played (remember him?) was All Fall Down by Ultravox (1986) and he said after the song played “What a way to wake you up!”. Quite.

San Jacinto, what a good song, if only for the words “I hold the line, the line of strength that pulls me though the fear”.  Listening to that reminded of one of the last times I played it in college revising for my finals at Downing (1990). I could almost smell the wooden walls in my college digs, as the late afternoon sun shone through the windows as I worked – as Jim burst in with a handful of kebabs.

I could go on and on and on. Nobody will read this anyway, so it’s nice to reminisce. I wonder what tomorrow’s 35 miler will bring? Well the main thing is that I’m soooo glad that they digitally remastered “Ding-dong merrily on high” in 1993!

So here it is… the playlist, don’t laugh (or cry):

[important]Will Young, Friday’s Child
6:27:04 AM to 6:36:08 AM

Phil Collins, All of My Life
6:36:08 AM to 6:41:48 AM

Tina Turner, Let’s Stay Together
6:41:49 AM to 6:45:30 AM

Peter Gabriel, This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds)
6:45:30 AM to 6:50:00 AM

Alicia Keys, Wait Til You See My Smile
6:50:00 AM to 6:54:00 AM

Lisa Stansfield, All Around The World
6:54:00 AM to 6:58:31 AM

Paul Young, Everytime You Go Away
6:58:31 AM to 7:00:21 AM

Simply Red She’s Got It Bad
7:03:07 AM to 7:06:41 AM

Bee Gees Night Fever
7:06:41 AM to 7:10:21 AM

Take That, Relight My Fire
7:10:21 AM to 7:14:41 AM

Take That, What You Believe In
7:14:41 AM to 7:19:10 AM

Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars
7:19:10 AM to 7:23:50 AM

ABBA, One of Us
7:23:50 AM to 7:27:50 AM

Leona Lewis, Happy
7:27:50 AM to 7:32:01 AM

Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band, I Saw Three Ships
7:32:01 AM to 7:35:51 AM

The Hollies, Look Through any Window
7:35:51 AM to 7:38:01 AM

Will Young, Stronger
7:38:01 AM to 7:43:31 AM

Leona Lewis, Broken
7:43:31 AM to 7:47:31 AM

Bach Choir/Sir David Willcocks, Ding dong! merrily on high (1993 Digital Remaster)
7:47:31 AM to 7:49:31 AM

The Script, Six Degrees Of Separation
7:49:31 AM to 7:53:30 AM

Dire Straits, Telegraph Road
7:53:30 AM to 8:07:51 AM

Maria McKee, Show Me Heaven
8:07:51 AM to 8:11:51 AM

Bon Jovi, Diamond Ring
8:11:51 AM to 8:15:41 AM

David Bowie, Starman
8:15:41 AM to 8:17:31 AM

Simply Red, Thrill Me
8:21:12 AM to 8:26:21 AM

Ultravox, All Fall Down
8:26:21 AM to 8:31:40 AM

Seal, Don’t Cry
8:31:40 AM to 8:38:00 AM

Melanie C, Northern Star
8:38:00 AM to 8:42:51 AM

Madonna, Crazy for You
8:42:51 AM to 8:46:31 AM

St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
8:46:31 AM to 8:50:21 AM

Duffy, Stop
8:50:21 AM to 8:54:31 AM

Peter Gabriel, San Jacinto
8:54:31 AM to 9:03:01 AM

Kate Bush, The Sensual World
9:03:01 AM to 9:07:00 AM

Lady Gaga, Teeth
9:07:00 AM to 9:10:50 AM

Revernd & The Makers, Heavyweight Champion of the World
9:10:50 AM to 9:14:10 AM

The Bangles Eternal Flame
9:14:11 AM to 9:18:10 AM

The Beatles, A Day In The Life
9:18:10 AM to 9:23:31 AM

Lady Gaga
I Like It Rough
9:23:31 AM to 9:26:51 AM

Will Young, Out Of My Mind
9:26:51 AM to 9:30:01 AM

Madonna, Like a Prayer
9:30:01 AM to 9:30:51 AM

David Bowie, Modern Love
9:38:49 AM to 9:43:00 AM

Lady Gaga, Summerboy
9:43:00 AM to 9:47:10 AM

ABBA, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
9:47:10 AM to 9:52:11 AM

Bon Jovi, I’d Die for You
9:52:11 AM to 9:56:41 AM

Shakin’ Stevens, Merry Christmas Everyone
9:56:41 AM to 10:00:31 AM

The Kooks, Sofa Song
10:00:31 AM to 10:02:41 AM

The Kooks, Naive
10:02:41 AM to 10:06:11 AM

ADELE, Turning Tables
10:06:11 AM to 10:10:21 AM

Robbie Williams, She’s The One
10:10:22 AM to 10:14:51 AM

Elton John/Tammy Wynette, A Woman’s Needs
10:14:51 AM to 10:20:20 AM

U2, One Tree Hill
10:20:20 AM to 10:25:40 AM

Elton John, Blue Eyes
10:25:40 AM to 10:29:11 AM

Duffy, Oh Boy
10:29:11 AM to 10:31:41 AM

Martha & the Muffins, Cheesies and Gum
10:31:42 AM to 10:34:51 AM

Acetones/Mark Knopfler, The Ceilidh: Louis’ Favourite Billy’s Tune
10:34:52 AM to 10:38:51 AM




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