May 25 2013

London2Brighton – quick race summary

London 2 Brighton race summary

Written half an hour after the finish, just in case in 1-30 years’ time I haven’t got the energy to read the blog on my full race analysis… anyway, here’s a summary:

  • Got to start at 5:10am
  • Quick warm-up with Mr Motivator
  • Started at 6:06am roughly
  • First 40k no problems – even loved it
  • 42-45k started to run out of energy
  • By 56k desperately lacking energy, severe hypoglycaemia (?), sick, bad signs, dark cloud in the sunshine
  • Stuffed food down at half way stop, despite gagging on every mouthful, stopped for 34 minutes!
  • Brilliant but killer course from 56-99km…   THE HILLS!   … and THE MUD!
  • Run down Brighton race course was fun
  • … and finished :)
  • Time – 12h 51m by my watch at 18:57ish

Full race breakdown to follow.

Feeling… BUZZING!

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