May 23 2013

Under 48 hours – s**t no shoes!

Have I got everything I need for the race… no.

I went out last night for a short 5 miler and stabbed a nail or thorn through my shoe, straight into the ball of my foot. It wasn’t as bad as all that, I was mainly worried that my trainers are now 600+ miles old and judging by the ease at which the jagged spike went through, I think it would be suicide to run a 100km in them… so maybe I do need that new pair after all.

I thought I had that covered.  I have got two pairs on order 10 days ago. One direct replacement for my current shoe (Asics Gel Kinsei 4, left), and one waterproof version of the very similar Gel Cumulus 14 GTX (right):


Only trouble is, I was expecting them to be delivered last week and they’re only going to be delivered today! I HOPE!

I’m happy that I can run in the Gel Kinsei straight away. After all, I did Abingdon Marathon last year in brand new shoes and didn’t have any problems at all. They are my trusty and reliable brand with all the attributes I need for long-distance running. I didn’t panic at the lack of delivery as my shoes normally last 900+ miles, so I expected my 600-mile-old shoes to do if I really had to. But now that’s changed.

However, if the weather forecast takes a turn for the worse, I wonder if I should even attempt to try the Cumulus Water-resistant shoes if it’s raining. I’ve never needed to worry about getting wet feet as I’ve only ever done shorter runs up to marathons. 12 hours of wet feet will yield an almighty problem as the rainwater permeates and softens the skin making them susceptible to uber-blisters.

And in any case, with rain all day Friday until 8pm, I’m left hoping that the ground dries in time for Saturday’s early start. With no sun to burn it off, I hope that the fist 10k around the River Thames footpath is tarmac, asphalt or at least dry(ish) dirt so that the expected broken sunshine can work it’s magic on the remaining surface water.

So another dilemma to add to my growing list of concerns ;).


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  1. Pamela Fowler

    Dave all the very best of luck for the race. Thank you so much for doing this. Pls resend the link to donate as we really want to donate and haven’t done it yet. Thanks. Px

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