Jul 17 2013

Running in the summer heat

OK, some parts of the world may be much hotter than 32 degrees (90F) but whatever you think is normal, it’s still bloody hard, and unforgiving.

I did 10 miles last night, nothing unusual in that.

When I started the run it was about 32C, and 28C at the end. So an average temperature of 30C. I took 2.2l of water in my hydration pack in order to give me the best chance of making the distance. I was trying to hydrate well in advance of feeling dehydrated and I think that broadly it worked. But I ran out of water with 1M to go. When I did eventually make it to the finish (after the dunk on the ford in the village) I made it home relatively easily.

This is the siummary according to endomondo who think that a run in that temperature requires 28 fl oz. That’s 0.8l if you translate it. That’s proposterously low and misguiding!


It wasn’t really a difficult run, and I don’t think any activity in the sun is too troubling if you have the right equipment and you’re prepared for all conditions.

All in all… pretty happy:


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