Sep 01 2013

Sometimes you just never learn

Two weeks to the Thames Path 100 and I had a relatively easy weekend of 16 miles on Saturday and 24 on Sunday.

Everything up until now seemed to be going well. Last weekend’s epic 12, 25, 33 milers were all good and I felt like I was right on track and feeling pretty strong.

So on Saturday, with an unusual characteristic of feeling invincible, I decided to push the speed right up hoping to get under 9 min pace for the whole run. Had I trained for that… it might have been easy. And it certainly felt pretty comfortable for 14 miles.

And then the heavy legs set in for the last 2 miules, which I didn’t think was too bad.

Indeed a few hours after getting back, all seemed well again….

Until Sunday morning that is. The first few tentative steps revealed a stiffness that I’d not had before. And that fatigue from the lactic damage on Saturday lasted for every painful step of the 24 miles – much of it at walking pace.

So why exactly when I had so much distance conditioning, and no speed conditioning, did I decide to do the 16 miles at that speed? Effectively the weekend’s training atypical in terms of my aspirations for the race.

Who knows… doing something like that might help the Abingdon Marathon in October…?


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