Jan 29 2015

Well into 2015 training … and all is good

After a rather turbulent 2014 where I had to battle against both a lack of will power and a perpetually painful plantar fasciitis injury, I can safely say that I’m now back on track, and planning a healthy amount of running this year.

I don’t just want to get back into running maybe one race, but instead take of the big 5:

  • Isle of Wight 106k
  • London2Brighton 100k
  • Grand Union Canal 100k
  • London2Cambridge 100k
  • Thames Path 100k

Total, including training, of about 2,800 miles this year. I might also get a marathon in after those five.

Perhaps more of a challenge is to lose the required 2st 4lb that I put on after a shamefully neglectful year.

Only 13 weeks to go now until the first race. I’m comfortably making 60 miles a week… but need to get better!



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