Feb 15 2015

Week 13 summary – 68 miles

End of week 13 and training is going well… continuing with distances just above the weekly target. 65 miles was the target and 68 achieved.

Week 13 summary

Wednesday it’s pretty easy to over-distance with the expected distance only 5 miles.

10 > 16 > 24 was surprisingly straight forward and the end stage of the 24 were relatively comfortable. Saw Susie outside JJ’s pad and Rebecca FG starting her Sunday 16 at Wally corner to just add a bit of interest to an otherwise intolerably dull course.

The 24 miler took in the dizzy heights of a ~10 mile stretch of the Abingdon Marathon course. Milton Park Industrial estate has certainly maintained its unerring ability to slow time down like you’re stuck in a Star Trek warp… warp… warp… enough said.

Monday… pretty fatigued :(  GREAT!


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