Monthly Archive: March 2015

Mar 08 2015

Week 16 summary – last light week before the real work!

Week 16 summary

So, end of Week 16. Just over ten miles up on the distance as I’m trying to make up (slightly) for all the runs missed at the start of the programme. What I’m slightly more pleased about is that I’ve not missed a training run since New Years Eve. 5 runs a week, all weeks …

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Mar 02 2015

Entered Abingdon marathon – a late 2015 event

Marathon entry 2015

Took the plunge and entered Abingdon Marathon in late 2015 (October). This gives me 5 weeks after my final 100km to retrain for optimum marathon speed. Guess that means I’ll be upping my current estimated annual distance to about 2800 miles That’s 7.6 miles a day average! Oh lord! What am I doing?    

Mar 01 2015

Week 15 summary – 72 miles

Week 15 summary

End of a pretty tough week with a Friday, Saturday, Sunday combination of 12, 18 and 26 miles respectively. Here’s the summary:   The 26 miles on Sunday was relatively straight forward and achieved it in just over 4 h 40 min. Just for reflection, that 30 minutes faster then I did my first marathon. …

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