Mar 08 2015

Week 16 summary – last light week before the real work!

So, end of Week 16. Just over ten miles up on the distance as I’m trying to make up (slightly) for all the runs missed at the start of the programme.

Week 16 summary

Week 16 summary

What I’m slightly more pleased about is that I’ve not missed a training run since New Years Eve. 5 runs a week, all weeks so far this year have been slightly over the allotted distance. If I can keep that up it will be much easier to complete the distance in early May.

Note to self: need to give up on fruit juices too. Getting out of bed this morning and my ankles simply wound’t flex afor about 10 minutes. Also hips discernably grinding. I didn’t get that even in last week’s 26 miler. An overload of fruit over the last 3-4 days seems to have exacerbated this problem with joints.

75 miles next week, including a 12, 21, 28 weekend… going to be tough.


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