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May 26 2013

The race: London 2 Brighton

Race day started markedly earlier than I had expected. Butterflies and nerves had started the day before the race, so I did expect the night’s sleep to be disrupted. I’d travelled to Windsor the night before the race so I was closer to the start, and could get a lift from my parents to the …

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Nov 04 2012

My 100km training programme

After much research, I have finally struck on a good balance of commitment and toughness and a programme that I think is achievable. With 29 weeks to go now, 6 months training should be OK to make the transition from marathon to ultra-distances. The simple text version is below, or you can download the full …

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Oct 26 2012

Research into an ultramarathon training programme

I was pleasantly surprised to find plenty of information about potential training programmes if you’re intending to do an ultramarathon for the first time. I started off with RunnersWorld ultimate ultramarathon programme, which assumes that you can run a marathon when you start training. having done Abingdon Marathon (UK) only a week ago, i think …

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Oct 24 2012

Registered! … and chose CFTrust

CF Trust

Well that’s done it. First step out of the way and I’m now registered for the London to Brighton ultramarathon and a non-refundable £85… ouch. http://www.london2brightonchallenge.com/ And a commitment to raise at least £400 for charity. I want to raise money again for my goddaughter, Meaghan, who has CF. I was blessed with being pretty …

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