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Sep 01 2013

Sometimes you just never learn

Two weeks to the Thames Path 100 and I had a relatively easy weekend of 16 miles on Saturday and 24 on Sunday. Everything up until now seemed to be going well. Last weekend’s epic 12, 25, 33 milers were all good and I felt like I was right on track and feeling pretty strong. …

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Jul 17 2013

Running in the summer heat

OK, some parts of the world may be much hotter than 32 degrees (90F) but whatever you think is normal, it’s still bloody hard, and unforgiving. I did 10 miles last night, nothing unusual in that. When I started the run it was about 32C, and 28C at the end. So an average temperature of …

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Jun 12 2013

Next challenge: Thames Path Challenge 2013

So, now I’m hooked. After the London2Brighton is all but a distant memory and having had 2.5 weeks of emptiness, I’ve decided to take the plunge on another event this year, to use the fitness I gained over the past 6 months. 13 weeks, 2 days and 13 hours left to the 100km Thames Path …

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May 26 2013

The race: London 2 Brighton

Race day started markedly earlier than I had expected. Butterflies and nerves had started the day before the race, so I did expect the night’s sleep to be disrupted. I’d travelled to Windsor the night before the race so I was closer to the start, and could get a lift from my parents to the …

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