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May 23 2013

Under 48 hours – s**t no shoes!

Have I got everything I need for the race… no. I went out last night for a short 5 miler and stabbed a nail or thorn through my shoe, straight into the ball of my foot. It wasn’t as bad as all that, I was mainly worried that my trainers are now 600+ miles old …

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May 20 2013

Staying supercharged

So you’re out for 12 hours and you need to stay in touch with the world, and maybe the world needs to stay in touch with you. Keeping all your electronic gadgetry charged is a major headache for most. My old phone would never lasted the course. My Garmin 410 forerunner GPS watch will barely …

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May 05 2013

60 miles in 30 hours


Or 93.48 miles this week. And that’s it! The last of the long runs on this training programme is now complete. After 21 weeks of gradually and relentlessly building the distances, that’s it. Today’s run was the longest single run I’ll do before the race in 20 days’ time. On the programme it should have …

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May 04 2013

Easy running in a sea of nostalgia

25 miles today. But that’s not really important. I decided, probably against sensible advice, to put my entire life-long music collection (2,200 songs) on shuffle and just see waht happened. It was slightly hilarious, to say the least. But also is did something I didn’t expect. As each new track came on I seemed to …

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