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This is my blog about ultra-distance running – a catalogue of thoughts, discoveries, research and achievements.

Having run a few marathons, I set out in October 2012 to run a 100km multi-terrain race from London to Brighton in the UK on 25th May 2013. This blog was originally to make sure that what happened during the course of the training and the race itself, and all the information I gathered along the way, was documented. For what purpose?  Who knows, maybe just recording it for posterity.

Perhaps one day I, or somebody else, will find it useful to peruse this mine of information… starting with the 100km training programme which looks scary.

In addition, I originally hoped it wouldn’t stop at Brighton and be forgotten by Christmas. It hasn’t!

After the race, I wrote a race summary where the over-riding thought was: I want to do it again! So I did! in September 2013 I also ran the 100km Thames Path from Putney to Henley along the Thames.

A year off running long distance in 2014 (injury enforced with a nasty bout of Plantar Fasciitis).

And now i’m back with a more gruelling challenge: to run 5 x 100km races. All from the Action Challenge 100k series.

So now this blog is maturing a little :). I hope to now venture further into ultra-distance running and conquer some more audacious challenges.

One thing is still true… that as long as blood runs through my veins, and my legs can still broadly move one after the other, I will carry on!




  1. Alyce

    -After 3 weeks, what is your mileage goal for fhinsiing the challenge? i have 52.5 miles, i am training for a half marathon in February so I will keep up my running ..i will probably have around 70 miles at the end of the challenge-Do you have an ipod? I am really curious because I recently realized that they are not as popular outside of the city–where they are necessary to block out the world. hahai have an ipod, i use it at the gym 45% of the time, i never wear it outside, i personally don’t think it’s safe and so many races tell you not to use one, even though many people still do. -After the challenge do you have another marathon or half marathon or ultramarathon in your sights? If so, what is it?Half marathon February 15th, in snowy New Hampshire, I am thinking of running a 20 mile race through Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts on March 29th-anyone out there want to join me? (there’s always a half we could run)Thanks so much for this challenge, I was hoping to run today, but we are in the midst of a blizzard!

    1. Wibles

      Sorry – I missed this post earlier!

      My goal for the toughest week is 80 miles, the whole programme is 1320 miles (almost three pairs of shoes!). I’m 75% of the way to the 80-mile goal as I’ve already done 61.8 – last week.

      After the London-to-Brighton 100k challenge? I really don’t know. Maybe another marathon, and a longer race early 2014, maybe.

      iPods… no idea, I never use one, but I do run in lovely countryside. I use my long runs as an excellent opportunity to reflect on the challenge, the training and life as a whole.

      Good luck… Wibles

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